Questions and Answers about Worship at Second Baptist Church

5 young worshippers at Second Baptist Church, Suffield, CT

Q: What will worship be like?

A: You will find that we blend contemporary and traditional music. There will be congregational singing of hymns and spiritual songs. We use hymnals and a contemporary songbook. There will be prayers uplifting both local people in need and larger concerns around the globe. Scripture will be read and a sermon will challenge us to apply the message of faith to the issues of our lives and in our world. Special music is provided by our  Sanctuary Choir, Folk Group, Hand Bell Choir and children's choir, the Singing Angels. Sometimes there are soloists, duets, instrumentalists, and a jazz band. Our pastor leads certain parts of the service while other people also share in leading.


Q: How should I dress for church?

A: People wear a combination of dressy and casual clothes. Some are in dresses and suits with ties while others are in very casual pants and button down shirts. Please be yourself. In the summer people wear comfortable clothes.


Q: How long is worship?

A: Our services usually last about an hour.


Q: Is the church air conditioned?

A: YES! The sanctuary has ample air conditioning, so come and enjoy worship in the summer. (We also provide a children's class and nursery during the summer.)


Q: Where do my children go during worship?

A: Every week in worship our Christian Education Director calls the children to the front of the sanctuary to share a special message with them. After this, the children and Sunday School teachers leave for various classes. Teachers will guide your child to the appropriate class. After church, the teachers bring the kids to a designated location to meet their parents.


Q: Do you have a nursery?

A: Yes we do, and it is fully staffed. Our nursery is newly refurbished with a crib, changing table, age appropriate toys and a soft carpet for crawling. When you drop off your child, you will receive an electronic pager to call and let you know everything is OK or that we need you to come. We also have a crying area set up in our "Welcome Center," just out the front door of the sanctuary and to the right. There are comfortable chairs there and sound from the worship service is piped in, so you can still enjoy the service.


​Q: When is communion and can I receive it?

A: Communion is at the end of worship on the first Sunday of each month. We celebrate an "open table." All people who believe in Jesus Christ are welcome to receive communion.


Q: Do you have any adult classes before church? And what about my kids?

A: Yes, we have an adult Bible Study class that meets in the church parlor of the Sisk Wing at 9 am. There is a multi-age Kids for Christ program and Sanctuary choir rehearsal during that hour too, so the whole family can come.


Q: Can I leave right after worship?

A: Yes, of course you may, or you may join us downstairs for refreshments and conversation. For many people, this is their favorite part of the week!


Q: Where can I find a map and driving directions?

A: Just click here for directions.


Q: I have more questions. How can you help me?

A: Just call us at 860-668-1661 or click here to send an e-mail.

100 North Main Street Suffield, CT 06078