Congratulations On Your Engagement!


We at Second Baptist are delighted to assist people as they prepare for marriage. To have a wedding at Second Baptist, the engaged couple must contact the Pastor directly at 860-668-1661. Our church's wedding policy is provided below. Please read it thoroughly before the first meeting.

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Wedding Policy of Second Baptist Church

  1. AN IMPORTANT QUESTION: Please begin by asking each other, "Do we really want a religious wedding service in a church?" Customarily, weddings are not held in a church just because the sanctuary is beautiful or because "that's the way it's always been done." Before meeting with the minister, please decide if you are able to have a worship service with integrity.  
  2. DO YOU HAVE A CHURCH HOME?: Also ask each other, "Do we want to be married in this church?"
  3. PREMARITAL COUNSELING: Please plan on having a few premarital counseling sessions with the pastor. In them you will get acquainted, examine how you are preparing your relationship for marriage, and learn about the wedding ceremony itself.
  4. MUSIC: Our church organist oversees all musical matters for weddings at Second Baptist. Please call her as soon as your date has been confirmed. If you prefer someone else to play, please clear your request with the minister and the organist. Please consult with her regarding your music selections. If you have a soloist who will require organ or piano accompaniment, please arrange rehearsal time well in advance.
  5. WEDDING REHEARSAL: Wedding rehearsals are normally scheduled a day or a week before the wedding. All members of the wedding party, family to be specially seated, readers and musicians should be present and prompt at the rehearsal. Plan on the rehearsal lasting ninety minutes. This will eliminate unnecessary confusion and uncertainty during the actual wedding service. All fees and the marriage license should be brought to the rehearsal.
    1. FLOWERS: Flowers may be placed on the stands in the front of the sanctuary. Upon request, you may use a brass vase belonging to the church. Flowers should be in place no later than one hour before the wedding service begins.
    2. CANDLES: If you would like candelabra for your wedding, you will need to provide your own as the church has none. You may rent them from Taylor Rental, 150 Enfield Street, Enfield (860) 741-5999. If you would like to use Unity Candles, you will need to purchase these in advance and bring them to the rehearsal.
    3. PHOTOGRAPHERS: Because of the sacredness of the setting, flash photography should not be taken on the main floor during the wedding ceremony itself. Obviously, flashbulbs, noisy cameras, and photographers moving around mar the dignity of the ceremony. However, pictures of all types may be taken without limitation before and after the service. During the service, flash photography may be taken from the balcony only. Also, when on the main floor, photographers may shoot in natural light by standing just inside a pew in the back of the sanctuary. It is your responsibility to communicate this policy to the photographers.
    4. ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES: No alcoholic beverages will be used in the church buildings or on the grounds. Smoking is also prohibited in church buildings.
    5. CARE OF THE BUILDING: It is expected that all the facilities of the church will be given careful use and respect. No rice or confetti shall be thrown inside or outside the church building.
    6. WEDDING LICENSE: You must attain a wedding license issued by any Town Clerk in the State of Connecticut. The Suffield Clerk's office is located at Town Hall, 83 Mountain Road or you may call (860) 668-3880. The license and all fees should be presented before the wedding.