Are You Willing to Serve? Would You Like to Read Some Ministry Descriptions?


The health of Second Baptist Church depends on the vitality of its all-volunteer committees and officers. These leaders sustain the mission and ministries of our church. They serve from one to four years and generally meet once a month at the church. In January each year we elect new committee members and officers to replace those whose terms have ended. We need willing servants to fill positions in the following committees:

THE DIACONATE – Works with the pastor and is responsible for the spiritual oversight of the life of the church. Meets on second Tuesday of each month.

COUNCIL OF MINISTRIES – Supervises the business affairs of the church and the custody of the church property. Meets on second Sunday of each month.

MISSIONS COMMITTEE – Responsible for the missionary and benevolence program of the church; locally, nationally and internationally. Meets on third Tuesday of each month.

MUSIC COMMITTEE – Works with the music director to oversee the musical program of the church. Meets on third Sunday of each month after worship service.

BOARD OF CHRISTIAN EDUCATION – Responsible for the youth and adult Christian Education program. Meets on Sundays of each month after worship service.

HOUSE COMMITTEE – Responsible for improvements to and maintenance of the structure and grounds of the church and parsonage. Meets on fourth Monday of each month.

CHURCH STAFF RELATIONS COMMITTEE --  Responsible for church personnel policy and it's implementation. Meets as needed.

USHERING COMMITTEE – Responsible for the seating and comfort of the congregation and for the collection of offerings. Ushers serve on one of four teams to cover all Sunday services. Meets annually.