Spiritual Formation Ministries

Spiritual Formation at Second Baptist Church is about guiding and nurturing each person in the development of their faith. We strive to teach bible stories, study the scriptures, and our Christian heritage. We provide a welcoming environment that encourages and nurtures all people to lifelong Christian discipleship.  We offer opportunities for children, youth and adults to encounter God through worship, bible study, spiritual practices, retreats, workshops, and small groups. Our hope is that each person finds a way to explore their faith and grow in their walk with God that is meaningful, powerful, and shapes the entirety of his or her life.

We believe that your faith isn’t a list you complete each day, but a journey of exploration and growth, as we encounter God and are transformed by God’s love.

Our Children's Ministry Mission- “Learn it, Love it, Live it!”

Provide a challenging, enriching and exciting experience for our children, so that they may gain knowledge about God and the Bible and develop their personal Christian faith; and, to involve our church congregation in carrying out this educational and spiritual mission.

Our Youth Ministry Mission

To promote discipleship through worship, fellowship, service, study, and play. It is our intention that relationships with God in Christ and with each other will be built and strengthened. The youth will be given opportunities to participate in worship, to develop leadership skills and to learn what it means to be part of a congregation. 

Our Adult Ministry Mission


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 Adult Education

Adult Education meets every Sunday morning before worship at 9:00am in the Parlor.  Led by the pastor, we engaged in conversation related to biblical books and particular portions of scripture and how these ancient words speak to our lives today.  All are welcome.

 Book Group

The Book Group gathers monthly on a Sunday evening at 6:30pm to discuss particular books of interest related to our personal and spiritual lives and the great concerns of the world.  Over the years we have reflected on books such as “An Altar in the World” and “Learning to Walk in the Dark” by Barbara Brown Taylor, “Falling Upward” by Richard Rohr, “Love Wins” by Rob Bell.  We move through each book at whatever pace the group determines and how our discussion flows.  All are welcome.


Adult Small Groups

Periodically, particularly during seasons of the church year, Adult Small Groups form to consider topics of spirituality and faith.  Most recently, small groups were formed for six weeks to consider The Sermon on the Mount in Matthew 5-7.  These groups meet in people’s homes and/or in our church building.






Here at SBC we want to partner with you in guiding children towards a relationship with Jesus Christ and teach them to live according to God's Word. We offer a variety of wonderful classes and programs for everyone to help them learn more about becoming a disciple of Christ.

 We Provide a challenging, enriching and exciting experience for our children, so that they may gain knowledge about God and the Bible and develop their personal Christian faith.


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Our Nursery: 9:45-11:00;  Birth-age 3 (potty trained)


Welcome to the Nursery at Second Baptist Church. Our goal is to provide a safe, Christian atmosphere for the smallest members of our church.



Sunday School here at Second Baptist Church.  It is an innovative approach called rotational model Sunday School, designed to encourage spiritual learning for children of all ages and abilities. The rotation model concept concentrates on teaching to the multiple intelligences.  Simply stated-everyone learns in different ways;  some have to be “hands-on”, others do better by listening, and still others learn by seeing.  Regardless of a learners most effective personal style, the rotation model Sunday school program enables multiple activities that focus different intelligences on the same subject matter. One lesson is the focus for four weeks – called a “block.”  Children are divided into groups.  There are four rooms that each group visits for one Sunday in the “block”.  Children experience the same concept for one month, but it is anything but boring. 


Baptism Candidates - Luke for Everyone Bible Study Guide  by N.T. Wright


Meets in the Parlor. With a scholar's mind and a pastor's heart, N. T. Wright guides us through the New Testament book of Luke, showing how we can participate in Luke’s story by making it real in our own world. Twenty-six sessions for group or personal study.Children will leave the service after the Children's Talk and can be picked up in the Kneece Chapel.



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