Second Baptist Church Pastor and Staff


The Reverend Dr. Rachael B. Lawrence serves as our Acting Pastor. In early 2020, Pastor Rachael came to our church as co-pastor, serving alongside the Rev. Tom Carr. Previously, she had served as transitional minister for Enfield American Baptist Church, which has been in the process of merger with SBC since January 2020. Following the retirement of Rev. Carr,Pastor Rachael agreed to continue leading the two congregations through this change and perhaps beyond! Pastor Rachael comes to the ministry following a career in music and in education, as well as a life-long relationship with the Church. Her primary visions for the Church center on welcome, inclusion, and mission-centered work. She loves preaching, crafting worship, and teaching and helping others recognize and use their gifts of the Spirit. Before pastoral ministry, Pastor Rachael was a christian educator and music minister, as well as a educational researcher, K-12 teacher, and college educator. In addition to her work with the church, she is a wife, and the mother of two school-aged children.


Alison Hardy-Dusto

Congregation Liaison Manager


Evelyne Battle

Director of Music Ministry and

Building Use Manager


Jean Aldrich Jones

Organist & Hand Bell Choir Director


Jennifer Sikes



Sue Begin Schneller

Youth Leader and Christian Education Coordinator


The Rev. Dr. Rachael Lawrence


Acting Pastor 

100 North Main Street Suffield, CT 06078