'12 Dominican Blog

war_259We will follow up this email with pictures and video but we wanted to quickly let everyone know that today was a huge success. We started the morning off with a trip to Veron to pick up Joel (One of the pastor's at the local church where sue has gone for years now) then we were off to La Romana to meet with Moises who is the head administrator of the Good Samariton Hospital.

La Romana is southwest of Punta Cana but no roads go directly there so we went through Higuey about an hour and half trip. La Romana is a large city with much fo the same poverty we have seen at Higuey in the past. It seems that everywhere on the islands you go away from the resorts there are children in need.

Upon arrival we found that the hospital was far from finished. It is being built in phases and hopes to someday be a 4 story teaching hospital. Already there was a team from Maine who were helping at the hospital as well as some doctors who had just returned from Haiti. At first it was difficult to explain why we were there but eventually they understood and were happy to see our supplies. When we asked them what was the greatest need they said food and antibiotics. They fully understood our desire to purchase the goods instead of just handing them money so they sent us to the local mega-store called "Jumbo." (like walmart)

We arrived Saturday on time. Customs was interesting and just the handling of all 12 duffels was a logistical nightmare. All the bags had been opened and checked. We managed to find help to bring the bags through customs again on the Dominican side, One of the bags had a large bags of beads that we were going to use in an activity with the children. Sue had thought that kids in a strange area would have nothing to do so we were going to make small kits that they could put together and we had also brought all kinds of balls for games. Well it was all fine until one of the porters lifted a duffle and one of the large bags of beads hit the tile floor of the airport and thousands of beads bounced all over the place. Everyone helped us pick them up and the whole incident became a kind of ice breaker. By the time we left the airport we had gathered many prayers for our trip and for the people of Haiti.

We plan to leave on January 23...