Fuller Library: Come Check It Out!

The church library (Fuller) has a wealth of print resources (for children, youth, and adults) in the following categories: Bibles, Biography, Church, Current Issues, Devotions, Education, Ethics, Family Life, Fiction, History and Philosophy, Inspiration, Literature, Missions, Psychology, Theology, Women’s Writings, Worship/Art/Music, and a small collection of videos, DVDs, CDs, and audio cassettes.


The library is located in the Sisk wing next to the church office. There is a computer with internet access (just ask the office for the WEP key code).


The library catalog is available on line (see below) and it is also found in a binder on the desk in the library.


The library is self-serve. To sign out a book, please sign and remove the card found in the pocket at the back of the book or resource and place it in the 3x5 card file on the desk. When returning resources, put them on the desk.

Books for people of all ages at the Fuller Library of Second Baptist Church, Suffield, CT



Library Resources Sorted by Title

“. . . love the Lord your God with all your . . . mind.”


(Matthew 22.37)​

100 North Main Street Suffield, CT 06078