Fri, Feb 8 - Visiting Churches & Preparing to Return Home

war_42Dear Friends,

Today was our last day on the island, and we took full advantage of it. Domingo de la Cruz, the pastor of the church took us around today. His son spoke some English, but we took Edwin, the 14 year old from the Bronx with us. We saw 6 sites of churches in progress. Some are just the cleared land and some are cement buildings. The main church is in Beron and there are so many people on Sunday that they have to use lawn chairs outside. Also, many people have to walk very far after working very hard. The small churches are also good to keep the men out of the bars and give the women a chance to socialize. The pastor invited us back to help build the new churches. We would love to do this.

We also went to the pastor's grand daughter's home. She is 18 and attends the university in Higuey. She was glad to see us and remembered Robyn and Nadine. She is studying cultural studies about the countries that are a major source of tourism on the island. We drank coconut milk right from the coconut.

You'll be proud to know none of us got sick. (We are knocking on wood.)

We have made wonderful friends. We'll miss them very much, and also miss the maid service and having food whenever we want. Not to mention the sunshine and 80 degree days.

Our flight leaves tomorrow at 11 we will be back in Suffield by 3 o'clock. See you in church on Sunday.

God Bless,

Shannon, Sue, y Justin