Thurs, Feb 8 - The Beauty & Hope of the Body of Christ

Dear Family and Friends,

Last night we had a wonderful time. Elizabeth made potatoes, pasta salad, salad, garlic bread, and a banana dessert all with no meat. Hooray! We were able to talk with them about the church and their hopes. We decided we will try and earn money for a computer for the school located in the church. They are very excited about the land they have purchased to build a new church closer to the hotels.

We have noticed that our Spanish is getting better and our English is getting worse. But we do know enough German to start a volleyball game.

There is a boy here named Edwin who was born in the Bronx and still speaks pretty good English. He translated the sermon for us except when he spaced out. He is 14 and we are going to give him our Spanish bible because he does not have one. Tonight we are going back to church without Justin because it is women's night at the church. Elizabeth said if even one man goes, then the sermon will have to be about a man. (Justin is heart broken)

Tomorrow we are going to deliver the last of the school supplies and see the construction of the new church and go to the clinic. The beginning of the week went very slowly, and now it is going by very quickly.

We love the people here and have made a lot of good friends. Roberto sent us a dessert platter to our room and we feel like royalty.

The weather is beautiful in the 80's with a breeze off the ocean. It is really rough being us.

God Bless

Sue, Justin, Shannon