Tues, Feb 6 - The Clinic and Santa and Food! O My!

war_39Today we went to the clinic. She was so please with all the medicine. There were a lot of women and children waiting. They have to walk a long time to get to the clinic. So many have an upper respiratory infection. We talked to the nurse and left some books for the patients but didn't talk to them. We went to visit Roberto and his family they have three children the youngest is 3 months old. Everyone is so nice and wants to show us hospitality by feeding us, but we have been very nicely saying no, that we are not hungry and drinking only bottled water. Yesterday we would give the gifts to the children. They were so excited, we felt like Santa Clause. On our way back we realized that they are just happy for us to visit with them. So today we gave Roberto the school supplies and told him to give them to them another day.

Roberto works two jobs at the hotel he is a bell boy from 8-4 an then he works in the kitchen from 5-12 he only makes $225.00 a month. He is very nice and the family is happy. When he gives his kids the presents he can be the hero, he works so hard. Today was another beautiful day, and we got to see open ocean where the fishermen came in after fishing. It was the nicest beach we have ever seen.

Tonight we are off to church again. and then we will rest a bit. Will write again tomorrow.

Keep Praying for us!

Shannon, Sue an Justin