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Check here to see when you are volunteering in Worship:

March Flower Rep.: Bev Sikes


Ushers: TEAM D: Bob Davis, Jim Grant, Julie  Landry & Joe Ralston

Communion: Evan Carter, Katelyn Killam, Thomas Killam, and Alec Pryce    

Worship/Scripture Leader: YOUTH

Nursery Volunteer: Sue Sheiber

Coffee Hour: Helping Hands

Memorial Flowers: AVAILABLE

 March 9 - LENT I

Ushers: TEAM A: Howard Beal, Andre LaRochelle, Shiane Wilkins, Luther Killam

Worship/Scripture Leader: Renee Wood

Nursery Volunteer: Sarah Hubbard

Coffee Hour: Natalie Das

Memorial Flowers: AVAILABLE

March 16 - LENT II

Ushers: TEAM B: Art Sikes, Derek Burnaford,Jason Jamrog, Anna LaRochelle

Worship/Scripture Leader: Natalie Das

Nursery Volunteer: Mary Nelsen

Coffee Hour: Diane Lewis

Memorial Flowers: AVAILABLE

 March 23 - LENT III

Ushers: TEAM C: Tom Killam, Walt Malec, Barry Sisk, & Wally Malec

Worship/Scripture Leader: Linda Isham

Nursery Volunteer: Becky Tobiasz

Coffee Hour: Christine Ahrens/Claudia Hepner

Memorial Flowers: AVAILABLE

 March 30 - LENT IV

Ushers: TEAM D: Bob Davis, Jim Grant, Julie Landry & Joe Ralston

Worship/Scripture Leader: David Battle

Nursery Volunteer: Julie Landry

Coffee Hour: Calling Committee

Memorial Flowers: AVAILABLE