First of all you will have to excuse our broken English at this point we have been trying to speak Spanish so much we have lost track of English. Our day was action packed. First was off to the Clinica to deliver the duffel bag of medicine from the day before. We happened to pass the doctor as she walked the mile to the clinic from the road. We happily opened our taxi to her as well as the woman and child walking with her. We all piled in the taxi and started the slow trip over rough terrain to the clinic. Upon our arrival we dumped our bag and were happy to see the surprise on the doctor's face. Jen went through all the medicine and explained what each was and we manged to take some pictures. When we were leaving we happened to pass a house where a family lived that Wilson knew. He stopped and the woman expressed her concern about the clinic and how low they were on medicine. We were so happy to tell her that we had delivered new medicine so she could bring her daughter who had flu like symptoms. Right away, she was able to take home antibiotics and medication similar to Tylenol Cold and Flu from our donations. After giving a very nice 76 year old man a ride to the bus stop we were off to the preschool

Sadly the preschool was closed until 2 so we were forced to go to a nearby beach and relax. It was so hard to put on our bathing suits and lay in the paradise but we managed. Some children came by and as usual the second we opened the taxi more children came out of the wood work. We passed out balls and t-shirts and one of the boys let us take pictures as we rode his donkey.

After drying off and finding some bread at a local store we headed back to the preschool. The children were so glad to see us. We made bracelets and read them stories. Once the kids figured out that they could see themselves on our cameras, we became very popular as they made faces and posed for us. After an hour of visiting we were forced to leave in order to get back to the hotel in time to change for church.

Juanito, a pastor at a church local, met us with our hermano (brother) Joel and we were off to a church very close to the hotel. We thought we were going to the church just to see it with Juanito and meet a few kids. What we found instead was at least 25 kids awaiting our arrival and many many more on their way. News had spread of our mission and all of the kids wanted to see us. We nervously set up the projector and movie for them to watch (a very special treat as many had never seen a movie before) The first show was veggitales which they didn't seem to understand. After more children arrived Joel led all the kids in song until Ernie figured out the projector. We started "Los Milagros de Jesus" (The Miracles of Jesus) and everyone was enthralled. To our dismay the battery for the projector failed half way through and we had forgotten to bring the power cable. But as Joel has taught us there was "No Problema." Juanito gave Ernie a ride back to the hotel and while he was gone Joel and Sue wrote down all the names of the children so that they could find the ones in the most need. The cord worked and we were able to watch the rest of the movie without incident. They were very happy and the pastors loved the message.

As we left Joel explained that he had found a man there who was in great need. He wanted us to meet him. Manuel is 22 and 1 month ago he had a terrible accident. He was climbing a coconut tree, as is common here, and fell on his back. The doctor told him that there was severe spinal damage and that the surgury would have to be performed in Santo Domingo for $1200 US dollars. Manuel has no family and no one to care for him. For the past month he has simply dealt with the pain and tried to get by using crutches. We took down all of his information and the name of his Doctor. Joel explained that his survival was a miracle and that normally people who had that sort of accident just died. He also explained that with the disaster in Haiti it was difficult to have "non emergency" surgery at this time because most of the operating rooms are taken by the earthquake victims.

We promised to help as much as we could and to find a way.

Another day of ups and downs but as we explained to Wilson... we are starting to understand and all we can do is try.