We arrived Saturday on time. Customs was interesting and just the handling of all 12 duffels was a logistical nightmare. All the bags had been opened and checked. We managed to find help to bring the bags through customs again on the Dominican side, One of the bags had a large bags of beads that we were going to use in an activity with the children. Sue had thought that kids in a strange area would have nothing to do so we were going to make small kits that they could put together and we had also brought all kinds of balls for games. Well it was all fine until one of the porters lifted a duffle and one of the large bags of beads hit the tile floor of the airport and thousands of beads bounced all over the place. Everyone helped us pick them up and the whole incident became a kind of ice breaker. By the time we left the airport we had gathered many prayers for our trip and for the people of Haiti.

The hotel is very nice and Roberto helped us with our duffels. We decided to leave them in a small room and then sort them tomorrow morning. We got in touch with Elizabeth from the church in Barone and she will meet us there tonight. We are going to go check out our rooms and then go to church.

We loved church, during the dry season the Saturday night service is held outside, They have a band set up outside on the stage. The music is loud, the kids are running all over and the message, even though it's in Spanish, seems to go right to our hearts. They are all so kind.

Tired and ready for bed. We are all very thankful to be in such a beautiful place doing God's work.

Today we got up early and sorted through our bags. Customs had made a real mess of things so a lot of the liquid supplies opened. We sorted about 300lbs for Haiti releif and the same amount for the schools and church's that this mission usually supports. We finally made contact with the local missionary, she was in haiti all last week and is going back on monday night. She works with "Good Samariton Hospital of La Romana" (laromana.org). I called the head administrator there and he told us to meet him tomorrow at 11am to deliver our supplies. He also mentioned that they were in desperate need of generators so I think that some of the donated funds will go towards that. I guess they need power to administer anesthesia and there is no grid to connect to. The weather is gorgeous so we are going to enjoy the rest of the day today because the rest of the week will be booked solid. After we meet with the team going to Haiti we are going to start visiting schools to deliver supplies for the rest of the week.

Last night we went to Elizabeth & Joel's house for dinner. We talked about a lot of things that are going on in the Dominican Republic & Haiti. Joel was preaching at church which made a great opportunity for us to show veggitales to the children. We were able to set up the projector in a small classroom. It was great to be able to sit next to the kids and watch the movie. For some of them it was the first time they had seen a projected movie. We just wish the volume could have been higher. The end of their service was filled with inspiring music that culminated in a congo line that wove through the church and out into the courtyard (maybe a thought for the future?). Everyone survived their first day in the hot sun without a burn except for Sue who doesn't listen to herself. Tomorrow we are off to the Good Samaritan Hospital in La Romana to deliver our supplies and learn more about the greatest need.