war_241Today was our first day with the students. It was fairly easy because the high schoolers had an assembly, homeroom, and a picnic. Monday I´ll actually start teaching, but I feel prepared. We´ve had lots of work time during teacher orientation the past two weeks, and I´m excited to actually start meeting more students. The past few weeks were full of teachers´meetings, cross-cultural orientations and devotional/prayer times. I´ve also been cleaning out the science lab- see the "after" picture.

It´s been fun to get to know the teachers and staff here during our training. Last Friday the McCollums (the family I stayed with when I first got here) invited a group of new teachers to their house for pizza and brownies. We sat around talking and laughing for hours; it was a great time. On Saturday I got to see a classmate from Messiah, Farrah Amin, who was visiting her family in Bogota. On Sunday I went to church with my host family and then hung out with their extended family at their grandparents´ house. The church was so popular that people wait in line for three blocks until the service before it let out. Then people filed in and filled every seat. They had us jumping up and down and shouting praises to God- it was really cool.

My family has been really great. We eat dinner together every night, and the boys love to play games. I brought them the game ´Trouble,´ and we played one night for a few hours. Most of you know I like to stay active, and it´s safe for me to run around their neighborhood as long as I take their dog with me. He and I have become good friends.:) Thank you so much for praying for me! God has been so faithful in answering my prayers. I can tell that He has a plan for me here, and your encouragement has been wonderful. If you could pray this week for:

  • My first teaching day on Monday, that I make a good first impression with the kids
  • I have bed bugs! That we can find a way to deal with that
  • That I keep my focus on Christ and His purposes for me here.

I miss you and appreciate you all!