Internet is working great so I'm on a roll. Be sure to scroll down to the date that you last read.

My time alone at Tengra has ended. The rest of the team came to Tengra for the first time today. Heather is teaching jewelry making, Krissy is attending, Brenda and Sara work with the children and come in to help me with color coordination for future shawls. We had a larger group for Bible study today. We went over the 23rd Psalm and related other scripture to each verse. Liz shared a personal story that during her battle with cancer when she was near death, God spoke the 23rh Psalm to her, "thou preparest a table in the presence of my enemy" and that is what kept the enemy (cancer) from winning. She said that she thought that the cancer was going to keep her from coming back to India, but here she is today, in India.

Krishna finished the striped bag. It is FANTASTIC!! Better than I could have imagined. He arranged the stripes so well. I can't wait to bring it back to show everyone. He has now started on a shawl. Brenda picked out the colors. He is amazing. He told Asha that he wants to finish it before I leave on Friday. That gives him a total of 5 days to knit 22 rows of 180 stitches. After he was well on his way, he recounted the stitches and he actually has over 200. It's gonna be a long one! I hardly have a voice today. But since most of them do not understad English, everything is working out just fine.

We went shopping in Burrabazaar with two ladies who used to work at Deepika. Arpita and Bubbly. That's the old, old market place. I'm starting to get used to the market places and don't get so creeped out. Besides that my cold was still making me feel so miserable I wasn't concentraing on the environ. I bought some sandels and a couple of scarves. The placed closed at 7 so not much time to shop. We ate at KFC. I don't even eat there when I am home! Again, we got home pretty late.

Tuesday January 18, 2011

Asha told me today that they are extremely happy with the Knitting Training. She feels that it was 100% successful. People have emerged as leaders so she is confident that my training will continue through them. Kalpana finished her drop stitch scarf. Came out very nice.

Still no voice today, but we're still moving along with new things. Some are an experiment with the types of yarn I have to pick from.

Tonight was an early night. Tried to update my blog but no internet service. Went to bed early, needed the rest.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Woke up feeling worse not better. Liz had an extra antibiotic that she had filled in case her husband needed it while he was here. She needed hers, he did not need his. There were signs of infection so I took the antibiotic. Heather and Krissy came and prayed for healing so that I could teach more effectively. When I got to the school, Stanley had brought in an herbal conconction that his grandmother used to make. It had ground up black pepper, ginger and 3 other herbs that he did not know the English name for. He mixed it with honey and made Liz and I take a sppon full. Between the ginger and the pepper I could feel the heat on my throat. He said that was good.. I have so many caring for me I can't help but get better quickly.

Today I tried to teach a more complex pattern to Kalpana. She was frustrated because she could not remember it. I told her, through translator, that was ok she could write it down. Asha told me they don't do things that way, if they can't remember it then they will not do it. Well I guess i learned something new today too. So we scraped that pattern and changed to another.

Decided to do another early night tonight. No internet again. I'm actually feeling a little better and my voice is better

Blessings, Lucille