I just realized I have spent more of 2011 in India than I have in the US. Today started out like usual, Mr stanley led us in Bible study. Our Bible study today included Romans 10:13-14. Mr Stanley explained that people who are brought up in religions, such as Hindi, that worship more than one God have a hard time giving up all the Gods to believe in one true God even when they become Christian. He said they truly believe in Jesus but still keep a few of their favorites just in case Jesus fails them. Mr Stanley said they must be continually encouraged to follow only Jesus and not the others. Those who convert to Christianity have a difficult time with their parents when it comes time to marriage and they hold firm and say they will only take a Christian spouse.

Today I taught Krishna and Mrs Saha market bags. Mrs. Saha finished hers and only needs to sew up the seams. Liz found some very unusual yarn for the bags and they look great! Asha the Headmistress told me today that "all the way or whole thing is "purha". Boy were they surprised when I said that the next time I needed them to complete a row.

After we were done at school, Asha and I went shopping at New Market (don't let the name fool you, it's not that new) for knitting supplies. We can't seem to find colorful cotton or Ladder novelty yarn which I need to make crocheted necklaces. However we did find some more very summery stuff to make a colorful market/beach bag. Asha was bartering on the price but the owner refused to budge. Then she told him what I was doing at the school and said she has come all the way from the US to help your people so you should be happy to give her a discount. That worked, he took some Rupees off the price. We took one of those crazy 3 wheeled autos back to BMS where her Husband was waiting to bring her home. That was quite the experience. Asha wants me to ride in a rickshaw to complete my transportation experience.

The dinner gong has just been rung. Hope to continue later.

Blessings, Lucille