Well here I am again, finally. Internet is on and off and we have had very busy and long days so it's hard to get use of a computer. Plus I caught a very bad cold which settled in my chest. I lost my voice and it's finally come back today. I sent Wed without finishing so here goes.

Tula has already memorized the pattern, Krishna has finished his feather and fan cloth and is already helping the others. I taught Mrs Saha 2 other patterns. She quickly knit up a section of the Accordion Scarf. They are enjoying learning all the different patterns. Mrs Saha has already started to teach the patterns to newcomers. My driver, Bernard, came to pick me up at 4pm. I was getting a little nervous when it was taking a bit longer and it did not appear to be the same route. I asked him where we were going and because he does not speak much English he said "to Mame" I was still not sure what he meant and when he stopped the car and nodded his head in Indian style indicating that I should get out of the car, I must have had a look of horror on my face. He pulled out his cell phone and called Liz and handed the phone to me. Well, it turned out that he had brought me to the Vocational School, Deepika, where the others were. Liz came down to get me and said she had instructed him to bring me there because they were doing a special devotional with the ladies. They prayed with the girls and told them that no matter how bad things had been for them, whatever their worries are and how frightened they may be, that God was always there to cloak them with his protection and love. They presented each of the girls with either a Sari or Salwaar set (pants, tunic,scarf) symbolic of His cloak of protection. It was very special and I am glad that they included me. It was nice to meet the girls whose names appear on our products. Blessings, Lucille