This Guest House is a very nice place to stay. our rooms are like dorm rooms. Two twin beds, no TV or telephone. Breakfast is some style of egg, toast, banana and tea, NO COFFEE!! However, thanks to Starbucks for those little instant packs that a few members of the team brought along. We share the food items that we brought along from home.

Tengra is a section of Kolkata. It used to be all leather factories. The government made the companies close down due to the poisonous chemicals used in the processing of leather. I believe they moved the factories and their toxins elsewhere. I arrived today and as usual Stanley came in around 9:30 and so did Krishna. We did a Bible Study (wonder if I can get my boss to lead us in Bible study before we start work. Just kidding Karen.) and then I worked with Krishna and Mrs. Saha. Krishna finished his feather and fan cloth. I have a picture. He was really happy to see what he had produced. He has already started helping out with the new people who join in, it's really great to see this. Three ladies, Tula, Juma & Poorhima, from the rag picker section came in also. Anita, another teacher returned also. I try to speak a little Bengali. When I tell them to do a whole row in knit, I heard others say pooro so I would say "knit pooro" and they would start to giggle and say "Mame said pooro". I'm not sure how to pronounce it correctly and they won;t tell me because they enjoy giggling at me - especially Tula. Tula is very quick