We went to a Hindi Worship Service on Sunday. Two of our team members took part in the service. Sara sang and Brenda preached. We were eached honored with a bouquet of flowers. It was very touching. As soon as that service was over, they wisked us over to the English service. There are two buildings which contain about 7 churches, different nationalities/languages. The minister's wife inviited us to lunch with the medical mission team ;that was there from Iowa. It's been interesting to meet all these people from all over the USA and one from Canada.

Monday: We rented a car because we had to get all the materials over to the Deepika Vocational School and also over to the Tenga Vocational School where I am teaching. The rental place does not let you drive the car so it comes with a driver. If you could see the way they drive here you would see why. It's mass chaos on the road but not many accidents. They constantly blow their horns to alert other drivers that they are passing. Now that my fear is gone it's starting to amuse me. There are man-pulled rickshaws as well as bicycle pulled ones. People are everywhere, on the road and sidewalks. There is so much noise and comotion. Right now the call to worship is sounding off at the Muslim mosque. There's a microphone on top of every mosque which goes off quite frequently.

I only had one student today. Her name is Princey. We got a call today to pick her up at the church right down the street from here. She speaks English very well. While driving to the School she told us that she had acid thrown at her face about a year ago. She's been through numerous surgeries and she is a very strong soul. She said that her friends and family cried for her when this happened,but she asked them "why are you crying? I'm alive aren't I" She said because she lived through this, it has brought her closer to God. She was a beautiful girl. She may have lost her beauty on the outside, but she still is beautiful on the inside. I enjoyed teaching her today. She picked up quickly so I was able to teach her many things today. Casting on, knit, purl and bind off. She was so excited ad enjoyed it so much that she asked if she could take home some needles and yarn to continue practicing. The Director of the school came in to talk to me and to make a plan for the upcoming 2 weeks. He had never met Princey before. She heard about the knitting from church and asked if she could go to learn. The Director, Stanley, was amazed at how much Princey had learned and he said she would be able to assist the teacher there at the school. God does work in mysterious ways. Princey is that one shining star that I was praying for. I will be spending a lot of my time with the teacher who uses the knitting machine. She and Princey will be the ones to carry on what I teach iin the next 2 weeks.

So tomorrow morning I will be off to the school with my car and driver. I'll try not to get too spoiled.

Blessings, Lucille