Forms and Information for Events Sponsored by Second Bapitst

Spring Fling Lay Ministry Training Workshops (28 of them!) on Saturday, March 6, - Registration Form - We are hosting Spring Fling this year!

ABCCONN Women's Retreat at Camp Wightman (March 19-21) - Registration Form

Awaken Me -- a retreat for women

This retreat, led by the Rev. Lisa Gustafson, will be held on March 19-21. The cost for the weekend, which includes lodging for 2 nights and 6 meals is $135. Register soon -- space is limited!

ABCCONN Men's Retreat at Camp Wightman (April 16-18) - Registration Form

I'm So Busy I Shouldn't Even Be Here! -- A Men's Retreat

How can you live a Christian life in the midst of your busy working world? Led by the Rev. Michael Wu, this retreat will offer the opportunity to reflect on connecting your life with your faith. The retreat will be held on April 16-18 and the cost is $135, which includes 2 nights and 6 meals. Register soon -- space is limited!