Summer Youth Camp Programs 2014

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Ready for an adventure to remember? Looking for friends and faith and fun? Camp Wightman is ready to provide all of this and more. Our summer camp programs are built from the ground up for kids just like you. They are unforgettable and life-changing -- action-packed, sun-soaked days, good friends, an incredible setting, and plenty of opportunities to know God better. Get ready to jump into another world!

We've streamlined our summer! All of our camptivities are available every session so just choose your dates, being sure campers in your age group are invited to that session, and then register! The themes provide a general format for the session's special events.

Why are three prices listed for each program?
Realizing that families have different abilities to pay, Camp Wightman has instituted a three-tier fee structure where possible. You choose the tier that is most suitable for your family. All campers and participants receive the same great experience, no matter what they choose to pay. 

  • Tier I reflects the actual cost of camp, including food, supplies, insurance, utilities, facility maintenance, staff salaries, and other expenses.
  • Tier II is our historically subsidized rate and does not reflect the full cost of running camp.
  • Tier III is a more heavily subsidized rate for those who need assistance to attend camp.

Please create a package that works for your family. We know some families include multiple campers and/or campers attending multiple programs. We also know some families need additional support for a camper to attend. Through the generosity of many people, we are able to offer a campership program. Thank you to all who are able to bless others by contributing to the campership program on a yearly basis.
*Will you be receiving support from your church to attend camp? If so, please use Tier I as your base price. Thank you.


June 23-28
Wightman's Amazing Race for ages 9-11, 11-14, and 14-16

Travel ‘round the world without leaving camp! Visit Brazil, Italy, Greece, Morocco, Kenya, Japan, New Zealand, and Tonga as well as the good ole’ US-of-A. Overcome road blocks, search for pit stops, and take advantage of fast forwards. Learn about the people of these countries, enjoy a culinary specialty, try sports and games, or create a craft as you make your way around the world! Special events include our own Amazing Race, a Multi-cultural Food Fest, International Spy School, and more surprises along the way.

June 30-July 5
Holiday Hoopla for ages 6-8, 9-11, and 11-14
Celebrate! Experience holidays at Camp Wightman like you never have anywhere else -- Christmas and New Year’s, Valentine’s and Generosity Day, International Pancake Day and Mardi Gras, Independence Day -- the birthday of the USA, and Easter. We’re gonna’ be busy so bring your party clothes, put a smile on your face, and get ready to party like it is 2013…’cause it is! Special events will include Salmagundi Day, a Party Palooza for all of our Unbirthdays, Secret Agent School, and holiday celebrations galore.

June 30-July 3
Mini Hoopla for ages 6-8
Explore Camp W and Holiday Hoopla during this three-night introductory program. Campers who are enjoying themselves may choose to stay the rest of the week (Parents pay remaining balance at pick-up). Our experience is that most youngsters are having so much fun and adjusting so well they choose to stay!      

July 7-12
Wightman Goes Hollywood for ages 9-11, 11-14, 14-16

Hollywood has tried to recreate the magic of summer camp for the big screen, but has never gotten it right. Wightman knows summer camp AND we love movies so get ready for a week focused on fun, friends, and faith! It might seem like Mission Impossible to visit Middle Earth on your Firebolt 2013 with R2D2 and C3PO (and a Wookie!), but if you Hunger for Games and want to get to know a few Pirates and share jokes with Mike Wazowski, then this may be the Super program for you! Special Events include the Hunger and Thirst Games, The Unexpected Journey, Super Hero Academy, and Mission Impossible.

July 14-19
Jubileo for ages 9-14
Las Iglesias Bautistas Hispanas de Connecticut estaran celebrando Jubileo con el proposito de desarrollar los talentos, las habilidades y el crecimiento spiritual de nuestros ninos/as y adolescents de tercer grado a octavo grado. No tienen que hablar espanol.
The Connecticut Hispanic Baptist Churches will be celebrating the Hispanic Jubilee week with the purpose of developing the talents, skills, and spiritual growth of our children and adolescents in an atmosphere of Christian fellowship. Speaking Spanish is not required.

Senior High Event for ages 15-18
Check out The Event and come ready to celebrate! Choose from a variety of camp activities each day, plus music jam sessions, multimedia projects, creating pottery, and an unforgettable field trip to Brownstone Park.  As daylight ends the fun continues with team challenges, Beach Party, Scavenger Hunt, and a side-splitting line dance experience, all sprinkled with epicurean delights

July 21-26
Campolodeon for ages 6-8, 8-10, and 10-12

Crazy Campo Carnival, Great Rubber Chicken Event, Oooey-gooey S’mores Campfire, Slippery-slimey Slime Fest, Skittle Skattle Battle, the Campo Ice Cream Breakfast (Not for dessert, not for lunch, not for dinner, not a late night snack, but for breakfast! We’re serious!) and earning beads...we do it all! Full moon on Monday night? That can only mean one thing! Alien Invasion: Escape from Planet Earth - light up the night and rescue Scorch and friends from their captors! Pack your cape and super-power for Super Hero Day: League of Extraordinary Campers, your spy gear for Secret Agent University, and an extra towel ‘cause you’re gonna get wet at the Pirate Water Carnival. If you like HUGE fun, HUGE new experiences, and HUGE opportunities to learn more about God, get here! Make new friends who like the same things you do and hang out with counselors who will be your new friends for life.

July 28-August 9
Outrageous Tweekers for ages 10-12, 12-15,ans 15-18                                               $950/$825/$750
What’s a “Tweeker?” A camper who spends two weeks plus an Outrageous Tweekend at Wightman! That’s right, Tweekers enjoy three times the fun packed into a two week program. So, what’s Outrageous? Well, the dictionary says a: exceeding the limits of what is usual; or b: fantastic. In other words, Outrageous! HUGE fun! Each week you will choose favorite activities and write your own schedule plus enjoy special events like Mission Impossible, Night at the Oscars: Spy Games Edition, Slime Time, Ice cream for breakfast, and inflatable carnivals you’ll never forget with events like Gladiator Jousting and an Obstacle Course. Celebrate Harry Potter’s birthday, compete in the Hunger and Thirst Games, and go on an Unexpected Journey with Gandalf and Bilbo. How about a late night or two with sleep-ins? Oh, and don’t forget that you’ll experience the first ever Tweekend at CW complete with Wightman Gladiators and loads of other Outrageous fun! Please do not attempt this at home, we’re professionals. We’re serious!





LEAD is Leadership Evangelism And Discipleship! It is about building up young leaders who will be the change makers of tomorrow. This program is designed for high school students who are maturing in their Christian faith, and want to take it to the next level. This is about Wightman fun - you’ll participate in Outrageous, make new friends, and enjoy being a camper. It’s about developing a servant’s heart -- to learn to lead. It’s about living out your faith - in a way that others can clearly identify what you believe and whom you follow. It is about discipleship - choosing to make your faith personal and the challenge of following Jesus. First Week includes intensive training sessions, bonding as a team, and good ole’ fashion camp fun. Second Week provides opportunities to try out what you have learned under the guiding hand of experienced Wightman role models.

July 28-August 2 and August 4-9
Outrageous for ages 10-12, 12-15, and 15-18

What’s Outrageous? Try a: exceeding the limits of what is usual; or b: fantastic. Sounds like Camp Outrageous! HUGE fun! Slime! Ice cream for breakfast! Special events include those listed in the Outrageous Tweekers description (depends on the week you join the fun). Choose favorite activities and write your own schedule. Please do not attempt this at home, we’re professionals. We’re serious! One week sessions of Outrageous have limited enrollment.

First-timer? Options for our youngest first-time campers –

   First-timer Programs for Ages 6-8 years

Explore Camp W and either Mini Hoopla (June 30-July 3) or Mini Campolodeon (July 21-24) during this three-night introductory program. Get a taste of camp life, meet new friends, and jump into the adventure of your summer! Each program is $255.

Extend-A-Stay: Campers who are enjoying themselves may choose to stay the rest of the week (Parents pay remaining balance at check-out on Friday). Our experience is that most youngsters are having so much fun and adjusting so well they choose to stay, so we suggest packing what they need for an entire session -- if you end up picking up on Wednesday, then you have the added bonus of taking home clean clothes :).

Family, Adult, Trip & Travel, or Special Needs programs --

Wightman Discovery
July 14-16 -- For ages 5-7 with a parent/guardian
July 17-19 -- For ages 8-10 with a parent/guardian
$125/Adult and $100/Youth
A two-night Camp Wightman experience designed to nurture one of the most important relationships of our lives - parent and child. This shortened, action-packed edition of our traditional program is designed to gently acclimate the child to the idea of a "solo" Camp W experience. Join us for the ultimate camp experience for you and your child!

Wild Women in the Woods
July 14-19
Get away! Go wild! Enjoy hiking, archery, and other camptivities, as well as relaxing games and puzzles. Take advantage of the wild beauty of Camp Wightman and fellowship with other “wild” women as you recharge. This program is designed for adult women aged 35 years and older.

Adirondack Canoe Trip
July 27-August 3

Want adventure? Look no further! This flat-water canoe trip in New York’s Adirondack Mountains includes canoeing skills, as well as learning about setting up campsites and portages. Here’s the perfect opportunity to discover the outdoors and appreciate God’s creation. Participants must be at least 15 years old and older.
Adults with Special Needs
July 14-19: $575/$525/$475
August 11-15: $475/$425/$375
ASC provides a well-supervised fun environment where persons 21 and older with special challenges can explore camp life. Our focus is on being important in God’s world with a full range of activities and Christian fellowship.

  • The July 14 session is held in a cabin village, so participants must be agile and able to maneuver easily and independently on uneven ground; this session runs from Sunday through Friday afternoon.
  • The August 11 session is housed in a retreat lodge and is a four-night program, running from Sunday through Thursday afternoon.

Wightman's Grand Experience
August 11-15
$200 Adult/$150 Child
This program provides Grand generations (grandparents and grandchildren) the opportunity to spend time together surrounded by God’s beauty and to take advantage of many fun Camp Wightman activities. With hiking, swimming, boating, cookouts, campfires and more, there is a lot packed into this four-night program.

Family Getaway
August 11-15
$200 Adult/$150 Child
Relax. Reconnect. Recharge. Relax with our low intensity schedule designed specifically for family fun. Reconnect with family as you recharge your walk with God. Focus on fellowship, building family faith, and of course, having fun during this four-night program.

 Medical Forms
Each camper must have a full set of properly completed Medical Forms, including a report of a physical examination conducted by a licensed health care professional within three years of the camp program. Complete information will be provided in the camper’s Confirmation Packet. Medical forms should be returned to camp at least three weeks prior to the program.

Bunkmate Requests
Bunkmate requests can be made on the Let’s Get Acquainted Forms included with the Confirmation Packet. Let’s Get Acquainted Forms should be returned to camp at least three weeks prior to the program.

Additional Information
If you have questions or need additional information, please contact us at:
Camp Wightman, 207 Coal Pit Hill Road, Griswold, CT 06351
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