Mission news from Sue & Ray

Yesterday was church the all welcomed us, there was a cantata it was beautiful.Today we went to Higuey with school supplies and to see Rayme. The children loved the uniforms and all the supplies, we had great fun. They seem to really like Raymond's hair (touching it when he isn't looking). We went to see Rayme, imagine our surprize when they said he was visiting his Grand mother in Santiago, they said they woulld go tomorrow(4hour on the bus each way) to get him. He is walking and they feel so blessed that we all care about him so much. We will go back on Thursday to see him and to bring some asprin to one of the teacher s that has 35 small children in one class.. Wilson's (taxi driver) daughter Michele started school today it was her first day so we went to class and met her teacher. Everyone has been so nice. We went to see a doctor today about the insulin for an elderly women in a village. We had brought insulin with us in a cooler (thanks Santi Family) and the doctor said it will save her life because it is a very poor village and she needs the insulin. We will go to the clinic tomorrow and to the village. We ran into an old friend Juanito today he is from the church he gave me a big bear hug and we will go to dinner at his house one night. The hotel is way more then we deserve..and the weather is 80' with a breeze. Miss you all, thank you somuch for being so supportive touching so many lives is amazing. Praise God! Please keep praying for us Raymond ate some rabbit in a small village today he is really quite brave. He said it tasted like chicken, I had chicken it wasn't chicken ....We will write again tomorrow after the clinic and keep you informed.