war_199Dear friends,

It has been such a blessing to get so many emails from friends about exciting tasks and places to which God has called them this summer. Well, now it's my turn! On Saturday, August 2, I return to the Dominican Republic for two and a half weeks- I'll be with the same organization I served with last year: Medical Ministry International. I am so excited to see my friends I spent two months with last summer and support the work that they do there all year. MMI sponsors two-week trips for North American doctors and healthcare professionals to work in clinic and hospital settings in lower income areas worldwide. My official role on the trip is an "interpreter," which meant a variety of things last year: I translated one-on-one with physicians, helped doctors and nurses in pre and post-op at the hospital, presented short lessons on health issues and so much more. I am excited to see what God has in store for me this year because each project is different. Then, after the two-week project, I am spending a few days with Dominican friends in Santo Domingo. My friend Milton and his wife have invited me to stay with them, and I am happy to accept their hospitality :)

So, wonderful amigos, could you pray for this trip? I'm a little nervous, but God is so good! Things I'm thinking about are:

  • Praise that I get to go back: I'm SO excited!!! I am so grateful for a grant from World Christian Fellowship at Messiah and a donation from my home church (Second Baptist in Suffield) that cover the MMI participant fee. And my parents bought me my plane tickets as my Christmas present. For whatever reason, God really provided for my financially, which was a wonderful assurance that I should go back. Praise Jesus!
  • Relationships with many Dominican friends. The main reason I wanted to go back was to see people I developed friendships with last summer and this year through email and phone calls. I am excited to see them but am also nervous knowing I've changed since last year, and I'm sure they have, too. I pray I can love and encourage them.
  • Patients that we meet. I pray for guidance for doctors and nurses as God uses them to heal many people physically. The cool thing about MMI is that it partners with local churches to give patients an opportunity to hear the Gospel. My heart's number one desire is for appropriate physical and spiritual healing for patients that we meet.
  • My Spanish skills. I want to do my best for God, and I am very out of practice. Pray for my communication skills!
  • The MMI project participants. I hope we can be obedient to what God is calling us to do this week.

I probably won't have internet access there, but I'll send an follow-up when I get back (August 18). I would love to hear what you are up to this summer or these few weeks, so if you reply it will be fun to respond to your email then, too.

I appreciate your friendship, support and prayers. Thanks for being a blessing in my life and encouraging me to seek God's will in my life without fear or limitations. I pray the same for you!



Robyn Smith

Outreach Coordinator

Acclamation Dance Ministries

"Let them praise His Name with dancing!" Psalm 149:3