Laura, Scott and Joel visited house from last year

war_152We did not get to the blog last night because we were captivated listening to Alice and Gay, Art's relatives, who told a story of survival during Katrina and the aftermath. Their story is a testament of their faith in God, as their home and all possessions were swept away. Katrina has left a lasting impression on them and now all of us, as we heard about how they clung to a tree above 30 feet of rushing water for two hours. So far we have had great weather and have accomplished more than we expected on the three homes under construction. The third house was partially framed today, as well as completely covering the first house with plywood, aka sheathing. On house #2, windows and a front door were installed by some of Suffield's finest women. Yesterday we stopped by to see a house that was built last year by the Habitat 07 team. It is good to see people living there. Checking out for now. Time to get some sleep.