January 30- Back to Work!

war_140Today we went back to the same worksite and continued with more of the same. Our Habitat supervisor today was a teacher from Michigan who decided to come down on a four month assignment- that was over a year ago, and he's still here. He shared with us a thought for the day: "If it is to be, it is up to me." With that in mind, we set out for day two, having a lot of fun as a group, and surpassing our supervisors' expectations for building. Today we worked on different parts of the houses and almost finished two sheds. Diane helped finish the flooring on the least far-along house; Joe and Gary installed a couple of doors, a group of guys installed hurricane straps to keep the roof on. Ted got a blister from cutting vinyl siding, and Laura became the resident expert on measuring two-by-fours. We had some entertainment at the end of our shift when a forklift got stuck in the mud and had to get pulled out by a bulldozer. Then we headed to "The Shed" for authentic Mississippi BBQ and "atmosphere": pulled pork, ribs, blues music and southern twangs. This was the highlight of the trip so far for a few of our team members (especially Joel). You can see us full and happy in the photo. Tonight we saw a documentary back at the camp about Hurricane Katrina. It reminded us of some of the sights we saw and have been processing from our drive through New Orleans. Just a few days ago we saw tent cities under bridges in downtown New Orleans with people still homeless from the storm. We also saw a bank completely destroyed except for the vault. After the video we have lots to think about, and more motivation for tomorrow.