January 29- First Day at Work

war_138Today we all met at 6:30 am for a breakfast of grits, biscuts, and gravy before heading out to our worksite for the day. There were three houses in varying stages being built next to each other. One group worked on the roof trusses, another group wrapped the house in a waterproof barrier, and the last group worked on the flooring of a separate house. All the groups are already working well together. Chris taught Robyn how to use a hammer; Julie's arm got sticky with glue; Scott dug a hole and then fell in it later (Steve witnesses this and made sure everyone knew about it). Tim got to use powertools and covered himself in sawdust. It was overall a sucessful day- Chris, who has been on several Habitat projects, said our day was "above average." We also have two great Habitat supervisors on the jobsite who are patiently showing us what to do and keeping us in line. The weather was in the high sixties and mostly sunny. After our workday we visited the houses that some people built last year, and it was interesting to compare them to the bigger houses we are building this year (zoning regulations are different). We are now very tired and very grateful for our dinner of macaroni and ham.

Picture: Justin "Raising the Roof"