God is Good

war_154Boy do we have a lot to tell you. Raymie, had his operation last night. We got the news that everything had gone great when we were leaving church. Raymie´s father called with the update. The grandmother said that she had been praying for help for him everyday, and we were the answer. When God wants to get something done, he moves quickly, even in the Dominican Republic. They were able to fix both his feet. He will be in the hospital for a while in a cast. We will try to get an update tomorrow before we leave. We left the hospital to deliver the rest of our supplies to another school in Higuey. We have given away all three hundred pounds that we brought.

At church, there was a special youth service. The theme was the 80´s. Everyone was in costume. We didn´t know, but Sue´s jumper was from the 80´s, so she fit right in. They were so kind to us. We saw old friends. The music was loud and joyous.

When we got back to the hotel, the internet cafe was closed so we had to wait till today to write you. We were so exhausted we slept for 12 hours. The weather was beautiful today, but we are ready to come home.