A Leap of Faith

war_153Today started out like any other day in the Dominican sunny and nice. We left at nine o'clock to go to Higuey. We found the perfect blackboard for the school. Traffic was crazy; we almost got a ticket. We went to the school, the teacher was thrilled with the blackboard. We went to the homes of the children without any fathers and gave them school supplies, backpacks, uniforms, and shoes. Whenever we stopped the taxi, we were mobbed by children. Then, we went to Wilson's(our taxi-drivers) house for lunch. We had spaghetti, pasta, and bread and coca-cola. It was interesting to see how he is building on to his home. We went to bring the baby to the specialist. He has two club feet. We were confused when they were talking to a gynecologist, but realized they were asking her opinion as the best specialist to go to. The specialist said the operation would cost 125,000 pesos. The mother has another baby and lives in poor income housing. The operation would be impossible. Without the operation, he would have no opportunities. He can only drag himself around. After a lot of prayer, and a huge leap of faith, we said we would be responsible for the hospital bill. We meaning our church family. The total cost is 4,296.00 american dollars. This includes everything he will need. We paid today for x-rays and blood work and the medicine he will need. We think God has blessed us with this child. The operation will take place on Sunday morning. Please pray for him at church. Then, we went to another school. On the way there, we saw kids with the shoes we gave them yesterday. They waved to us and pointed to their shoes. Tomorrow, we will deliver the rest of our supplies, go and see the baby, and go to church. Please pray for us.