Special Visitors

Today we had special visitors from the local church. It was so nice to see them again. Joel, Elizabeth, Christopher, and David. They spent the day here at the hotel with us. It was nice to hear all the things that they are doing at their church. They have started many small groups that worship at each others houses. They were thrilled with the little scripture books that we got them, and with the book of gospel books, too. They filled us in on everything that is going on in their church. It is growing bigger. We are going to a special service for youth on friday, and go to there house for dinner before. Sue{s spanish is getting better. When Joel asked her what the address was, she tried to tell them how to dress.

Tomorrow, we are going back to Higeuy to bring the baby to a specialist, and to buy a blackboard for a small school. We will go back to the preschool, and they are going to draw thank-you pictures for us to bring home. We will write again tomorrow.