Delivered Medicine

war_137Last night it rained really hard. No need to build an ark. This morning was sunny, we went to Higuey. We can know give guided tours to all six pharmacies in the city. We found all the medicine we needed, and we´re happy that the amoxicllin, and pencillin were inexpensive. It took awhile to find the medicine for the small baby. We bought diapers, not for us, but for the babies. We went to our taxi drivers house, and visited the school-church in his neighborhood. It was very poor and very unorgainzed. We met a mother whose husband had died with six small children. They were happy to get shoes. We had to smile as we were leaving seeing the three year old with shiny blue boots. Then, we met a mother who had a baby with two club feet, who could not stand up. We are going back tomorrow to bring her to a specialist. Maybe God will answer prayers. The other school that we went to was very happy to get the books and school supplies. They need a blackboard. We will get that when we go back tomorrow.

We did a messy art project at the preschool. The first time they had ever painted. We learned how to say, ¨not on your clothes, on the butterfly¨in spanish. They all seemed happy with the results.

Shoes pose an interesting problem. We have to try each pair on each child. Everybody wants shoes; quite a job.

The doctor at the clinic was really happy with all the medicine. She was really nice and we will definately go back there next year.

We´re off to karaoke. We will wrilte again tomorrow.