To the Village

war_135We went to a clinic this morning called ¨Clinica Rasal el Penñuo de los R.¨ We met Dr. Zorres and gave her some medicine. She needs more prescription medicine, so we will go to Higuey tomorrow and buy anti-biotics and diabetes medicine. We don´t need a prescription here. We went to a small village and were greeted by lots of children. They loved us(or maybe the candy canes). We will go back tomorrow with some smaller clothes that were donated and shoes.

A woman approached us and asked for help. She has a 6 mth old child that is very sick. She had a prescription for medicine but no money to pick it up. When we go to Higuey we will pick up this medicine, too. Tomorrow we will drop of the medicine on the way back, and check on the baby at the end of the week.

We went to a preschool and the children listened to the tapes and were very excited about the books. The teacher was happy that we are coming back each day. We have lots supplies to still deliver and shoes.

The food is good, we tried passion fruit. The room is good, too. We had a surprise visitor in our room today. Shannon was very brave and captured him in a cup. We decided to set the tiny lizard free. We are going to put a towel in front of our door so no more come in.