August 3 - A Brief Break From Medical Mission Helps Build New Relationships

war_104Hi friends!

This week has been completely different. There's no MMI medical team here this week so I've been in Bavaro with my sister. Our task this week was to get things set up with people here for when our church comes back this winter. We've also had lots of time to relax at the beach :)

God has done some pretty amazing things this week. First on Sunday our taxi driver didn't know where the church that we've been to before was located. So he brought us to another church that ended up being amazing!! They had a great worship band that did songs we knew and the preaching was very lively. They also have a dance ministry at this church! A girl danced for two of the songs and that was a huge blessing for me. Shannon and I were so energetic after the service that we walked on the beach for almost 2 hours afterwards to calm down before going to bed.

Beat that Pastor Dave - just kidding!

We went back to this church last night and they have some great ideas for our church group when they come down. They work with Haitian schools nearby and would love our help. We also went out with our friend Wilson one day to talk about other projects that people from our home church are working on- such as collecting school uniforms and school supplies. Things are really shaping up and I'm excited for the group that will be going down this winter. We also got to visit with our friend Elisabeth who lives nearby. On Saturday my sister goes home (sad sad I love hanging out with her) and I go to Yamasa to start another MMI project. I feel very well rested and spoiled this week- this has been a good reminder that God does want us to spend time being still and appreciating His beauty. I miss you all and appreciate your prayers. I am amazed daily by how great God is and what He is teaching me. I know this is where I'm supposed to be.

Love and blessings.


PS There are some pictures on my church website if you're interested -