July 29 - A Harder Week Emotionally But Good Ministry

war_101Hello friends!

I want to thank you for your continued prayers- I really feel that God is watching out for me here!

Last week was a little emotionally rougher at the clinic. Many of the patients shared more than just their health problems with me, and it was very humbling that I could not do anything for a woman that wanted, for example, a pair of shoes or a new watch. But it was good for me to get a fuller appreciation for what a lot of people have to live with, so I praise God for that. I was translating again for a pediatrician at the clinic, which was also harder for me because I get flustered sometimes when there are screaming kids. In all though, it was another good week, and I always have more good experiences than bad.

After clinic, I enjoyed haning out in the local town. I made friends with a local family that lives near the camp, and they showed me a lot of neat spots in their town- a cool waterfall, a garden, the local basketball court.

And last week I also got to know a woman, Fiore, who works for MMI. We had a lot or really good conversations last week - I miss her! I'm going to try to help her find sponsors so she can keep up with her school and missions work, so I may be asking some of you to pray about helping me with that when I get back.

On Friday I went up to visit Billy, Megan, and the other Messiah kids in the D.R. this summer. It was fun to see them. We went white water rafting, which was awesome. Right now I'm here at a hotel with my sister, and I am excited for what God has in store for us this week. Tonight we are going to a local church where we've been with our youth group, and this week was have some supplies to deliver and people to visit. My sister also told me I"m supposed to relax. That's the hard thing for me lol (means laugh out loud).

A cool story of how I got here- I had no idea how I was going to get from Santo Domingo to Bavaro, but when I got off the bus from Jarabacoa I met some missionaries who were going to the same place as me, so I went with them. God is so faithful, be encouraged by that.

I love you and miss you all!

See you soon!