July 20: Robin Ministers Through Multiple Language Barriers and Finds Respite

war_100Robyn called home tonight to report in. She has been in Sabana Grande this week and will be there again next week. It is cooler there and rains more often. She is back doing clinic work. Because many of the people that are coming to the clinic this week speak Creole there is often a 3 way translation process. The patient speaks creole to someone who speaks Creole and Spanish and that person speaks Spanish to Robyn and she translates to English for the doctor. Some of the doctors are feeling out of their comfort zone with the language barrier and working outside their specialities (pediatricians treating adults), but they are helping people feel better and more hopeful. Sometimes knowing that someone cares is just as important as the treatment that they are getting.

They are closer to a town this week so they can easily walk into town. She says that this is her favorite location, yet. Yesterday when they were at the internet cafe/store and were waiting because the computers were slow, they met the woman who runs the store. She showed them where there was a nice waterfall and swimming area. They actually had chocolate cake last night at a baby shower. One of the driver's wife is having a baby soon. She is very happy - loving what she is doing, especially working with the patients and seeing how appreciative they are of the care they are receiving. She truly feels blessed by the opportunity. Tomorrow is a day off and they are going to the beach.

We (her family) are off on vacation next week, so there won't be any updates from us for a week.

Cindy Smith