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Cindy Smith Reaches Out to Churches in Medical Ministry

war_89We are safe and happy. I am working at different "clinics" everyday,in the pharmacy doling out meds with other women. The conditions are stark and far from sanitary, but the work seems to be appreciated. The past two days we have been working in churches with no electricity and no plumbing. We hand out parasite meds to everyone and everything from antibiotics to pains relievers - whatever we have. Each patient in weighed and a BP is taken, is then seen by a doctor and the goes to health education to learn how to better care for themselves and to learn how to take their meds. They are also told aboutthe Lord.

Robyn is working on the OR team as an interpreter for an OB/GYN from York, PA about 1/2 hour from Messiah. Today she is scheduled to observe a hysterectomy. Yesterday her team did some consults and set up the operating room. They are working out of a hospital that usually just does minor procedures. They use agenerator for electricity. There are 2 other American collegestudents who will stay on with Robyn for the next trip.

We are staying at a "camp" that overlooks the ocean, which is about 3 miles away. 24 women sleep in one room on 12 bunk beds with ceiling fans, 2 working toilets and 4 showers, 2 of which have more than a dribble. There is agreat breeze on the 2nd floor balcony.

I love you and miss you very much. We may get to town tomorrow. if so I'll call or e-mail again tomorrow.