June 30 - Robyn Writes Home - Working in Clinics

war_88Dear Friends,

We have one photo of Robyn from a Facebook page. Her Mom, Cindy Smith, arrived safely. Here is a report relayed by mail:

Since Robyn does not have access to the internet and phone calls are expensive, I am forwarding along some more information we received from her by snail mail. The place she is staying at for the first 2 weeks is in Moca, Dominican Republic. It is a retreat center called Monte de Oracion (Mountain of Prayer). She says it is a lot like Camp Wighman, except they get fresh tropical fruit every morning for Breakfast. There are 3 teams on this first mission, totaling about 100 people. One group is a general medical team that goes out everyday and sets up clinics in different neighborhoods. Robyn worked as a translator of the general team for a dentist most of the time. They bring a generator to have power to able to drill and fill cavities and pull teeth. The second team sets up mini-clinics each day at an orphanage or a nursing home. The third team is a surgical team. They set up a temporay OR room at a local hospital. Robyn reports that the Lord is good and she feels blessed to be in the DR serving others. She says she is having the time of her life and appreciates everyones prayers. Cindy Smith left this morning at 7 AM to redeavous with Robyn. More later on her adventures as well.

Cindy Smith (Mom)