E-Mail From Construction Supervisor Bryce McKee

war_72Hello everyone,

I am writing to tell you what a tremendous group you were this past week. It was an absolute pleasure getting to know each of you (even you canadians who were only with me for a day and broke my bench:). It is an amazing thing to see people energized and

passionate about what they are doing and even more so when it is simply to help out another person. So i hope that in the next few days, minutes, weeks or months you take a few moments to reflect on what a difference you made on the lives of individuals you never met and probably will never meet. It is truely service to work with vigor for rewards that you will never reap and I just want you to know how much those efforts mean to me and everyone else on the gulf coast. I hope that you enjoyed your time down here and are looking to come back because the need for help will not go away any time soon. I thank each of you for your help and hope that you gleened something from the experience. If you are ever back down in Biloxi make sure to look me up and certianly go see the houses that you helped build. God Bless.


Bryce McKee

OHD Construction Supervisor

1450 Beach Blvd. 314

Biloxi, MS 39530

cell 812-336-0078