Linda Isham's Wednesday Reflection

We're part of a larger community here at "Yankie Stadium." There are groups from Annapolis, MD; Bridgeport, CT; Wilfred Laurier College in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada; a family from New Jersey; and RV campers from all over the country plus Habitat for Humanity staff, some Salvation Army staff and a group of AmeriCorps workers.

Many of us are staying in the volunteer housing - bunkhouses for 10-20 persons. Others are in RVs. We eat breakfast and dinner together and make lunches to take with us to the work sites.

As with a community we are sharing our life together for this week - in addition to sleeping in bunkrooms in bunk beds and eating meals together we are working in smaller groups at three work sites.

There is much to do behind the scenes to keep things running smoothly. Today only seven members of our group were needed at our work site so four of us 'stayed back.' Folks who stay back do a number of things that help keep the community running smoothly including cleaning the bathrooms - not a glamorous task but a needed one.

So while some folks were installing insulation and putting up walls four of us were cleaning bathrooms and cleaning up and organizing a storage shed - all essential to houses getting built.

- Written by Linda Isham