Wednesday Rains Complicate Construction

war_64It rained through the night and most of today, so indoor work with a smaller crew was essential. After a late start, Laura, Russ, Russ Sr., Joel, Bob, Scott and David went to the Gautier. Val, Rachael, Linda and Becky volunteered around the Habitat Village cleaning and organizing many different areas. On the construction site, we completely insulated two homes with paper-backed roll fiberglass insulation and styrofoam ceiling baffles. Next to us two foundations were being poured in the rain. Some of the other college students here worked outside in the rain shoveling soil on their knees. They were an absolute mess and had to be hosed down outside when they returned! After cleaning up the houses we insulated and moving materials on to other homes, the skies cleared and the sun began shining brightly - around 2:30 pm. With this new hope we began framing the interior walls of another home accross the street. This was a LOT of fun. Joel was in charge of fastening the walls to the cement foundation with special nailes shot from a gun with gunpowder charges. Laura helped keep everything square and pounded nails. The rest of us prounded away. We will pick up on this tomorrow morning when - hopefully - the whole group will get to work together again. Linda Isham will offer a reflection soon, so look for it later in the evening. Rain and Mardi Gras aside, we feel we are making a solid and satisfying contribution. Grace and peace to all of you.