Tuesday's Heartbreaking Cleanup of Memories Left Behind...

Russ, Russ Sr., Laura, Linda, Becki and Rachel left camp this morning and drove to Gulfport to work at God's Katrina Kitchen, not knowing what to expect. When we arrived we met Ray, who ran the program with his wife, Marj. They have been here since October 2005 serving the people of Gulfport area, and are soon returning to Ohio to sell their home so they can move here permanently to continue this ministry.

We spent some time helping to unload a delivery of food, organizing the big freezer, refrigerators, and storage rooms. We then went with Ray and a group from this organization to salvage an apartment complex which was scheduled to be demolished. It was amazing to think that even two miles from the coast, the storm reached levels of 4 or 5 feet!! Going into people's apartments, people who left, and in many cases have never returned; to take out any appliances, toilets, sinks, tubs, furniture, towel racks, tp racks, etc. which could be used by local salvage yards and reconstruction companies. It was sobering to walk into these homes and see photos, birthday cards, clothes, toys, calendars still open to August 2005; basically people's lives left behind, but hopefully not forgotten. It was in many ways difficult work, but a very satisfying feeling nonetheless was felt by the group. It was definitely a day which brought us together.

- Written by Russ Campbell