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Christian Education Opportunities at SBC


Here at SBC we want to partner with you in guiding children towards a relationship with Jesus Christ, and teaching them to live according to God's Word. We offer a variety of wonderful classes and programs for everyone, to help them learn more about becoming a disciple of Christ.

Our motto is, "Learn it, Love it, Live it".  Join us and experience the fun, exciting Bible learning for yourself! To register click here.


Volunteers are always welcome.  Where would you like to serve to make a difference?

Our Nursery: 9:45-11:00;  Birth-age 3 (potty trained)

Welcome to the Nursery at Second Baptist Church. Our goal is to provide a safe, Christian atmosphere for the smallest members of our church.


Babies are born wired for learning. What we do is provide the appropriate information and experiences to help them learn about God. While babies cannot memorize scripture or understand abstract ideas, they can learn God loves them, God gives them people to care for them, and Jesus, God's Son, wants to be their very best Friend. Our nursery offers consistent and attentive caregivers, music, toys and books.We begin to introduce the children to Bible stories and songs.It is important to have each child feel comfortable, secure,and special as they learn to play and share with other children.We help each child have positive feelings about coming to church and to encourage the active participation of parents in worship, teaching, and other church activities.


We hope that our loving care of your children will enable you to relax and enjoy the service. Our Baby Nursery is staffed by adults in a soft-carpeted room that is stocked with changing table, crib, rockers, sanitized age appropriate toys, and state of the art remote pagers! It is available for the 10 o'clock worship hour.


Ages 3 - 1st grade                      

Welcome to the 3 yr. old to Kindegarten program at Second Baptist Church. We meet in room 305. Our goal is to provide a place where young children will feel welcome and cared for, learn to work, play and do things together, and learn that the Bible is important to people in the church, has many stories about God and Jesus, and teaches us how to grow in God's ways.


Each Sunday we will use prayer, music and stories from the bible. Children will use building blocks to make a road -- and welcome Jesus' triumphant entry! They'll rescue dolls from Daniel's Lion's Den -- and discover they can trust God. They'll shake blue paper to sound like stormy seas--and learn that God helps them when they're afraid. Each Play-n-Worship lesson uses objects from a preschooler's everyday world--plus play, fun, stories, and songs.


Children will leave the service after the Children's Talk and can be picked up in Room 305.


2nd grade - 4th grade - Learning to use my Bible by Joyce Brown

Learning to Use My Bible encourages children to take an interest in the Bible, and help them make it their lifelong companion. Learning to Use My Bible offers a fun, hands-on approach, with maps, games, and charts.Children will leave the service after the Children's Talk and can be picked up in the Kneece Chapel.


5th grade-8th grade - Re:form Ancestors

Re:form Ancestors is a youth Bible study that explores the ancestors of our faith by exposing the real, unpolished and unexpected personalities of Old and New Testament Bible characters.With re:form Ancestors, youth discover similarities between themselves and the many unlikely people selected by God to do extraordinary things.Children will leave the service after the Children's Talk and can be picked up in the Kneece Chapel.


Baptism Candidates - Luke for Everyone Bible Study Guide  by N.T. Wright

Meets in the Parlor. With a scholar's mind and a pastor's heart, N. T. Wright guides us through the New Testament book of Luke, showing how we can participate in Luke’s story by making it real in our own world. Twenty-six sessions for group or personal study.Children will leave the service after the Children's Talk and can be picked up in the Kneece Chapel.


High School Class - Acts for Everyone Bible Study Guide  by N.T. Wright

Meets in the Library. The mysterious presence of Jesus haunts the whole story of Acts. Jesus is announced as King and Lord, not as an increasingly distant memory but as a living and powerful reality, a person who can be known and loved, obeyed and followed, a person who continues to act within the real world. Teens will leave the service after the Children's Talk . On Communion Sunday teens are asked to remain in church.


Adult Class - Three Free Sins By Steve Brown

Parlor 9:00-9:45. This book is about the misguided obsession with the management of sin that cripples too many Christians. It’s about the view that religion is all about sin…about how to hide side sin or how to stop sinning all together.

Kid's for Christ 9:00-9:45

For parents that wish to attend the Adult Class or sing in the choir  

Ages  birth-12


Welcome to Kid's For Christ at Second Baptist Church. We meet each Sunday morning in room 306. Our goal is to provide a safe and enjoyable environment for children while encourage parents to participate in education classes, choir and other church activities.


Each Sunday morning this fun group for kids of all ages focus' on fun projects, mission, crafts and giving back.At 9:45 children will go to the church service, babies to the nursery in room 308 and preschoolers to room 305.

Adults meeting in parlor at Second Baptist Church

100 North Main Street Suffield, CT 06078