At Second Baptist Church our deacons work with the pastor and are responsible for the spiritual oversight of the life of the church.


The primary purpose is to nurture and strengthen families in the Lord. The work of the deacons is an extension of the Pastor's ministry to love and care for families. The Deacons assist the Pastor and serve all people, particularly the poor, the weak, the sick, and the lonely.” Deacons are to be icons of the servant ministry of Christ both within and beyond the Church. Their task, in ministry, is to lead in equipping others with God’s word and ministering to them in various particular ways, so that the Church may respond to the needs of the people in love, faith and truth.Our deacons are also involved in the administration of Baptism and the Lord's Supper.The Diaconate meets on the second Tuesday of each month.




-Pray for and support our pastor and his family
-Visit and pray for our sick and shut-in members who are not able to attend our regular worship services.
-Assist grieving family members in planning funeral/memorial services for deceased loved ones.
-Consult with members who may be experiencing hardships.
-Prepare for and assist our pastor with baptismal services.
-Prepare for and serve communion.
-Prepare the sanctuary for worship. (ushers)

Deacons serve in vital leadership positions. One of the main focuses of deacons is to help members grow and function as new persons in Christ. Depending on our sustaining power in Christ, our main purpose is to glorify God by communicating his message, by serving our pastor and congregation. We seek to promote peace, love, harmony and a spirit of cooperation and unity among our membership.

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