Second Baptist Church of Suffield

Building Manager Job Description

September 2019


This is a part-time position with Second Baptist Church, 100 N. Main St. Suffield, CT.  The flexible work schedule will have reduced hours in the summer and added hours as needed to cover events such as funerals, weddings, etc. and unexpected church related tasks to coordinate.  The Building Manager reports to the Pastor but has a dotted line of responsibility to the House Committee and Building Use Ministry (BUM).  The Building Manager may be requested to attend church Staff, House Committee or Building Use Ministry meetings as time allows.  The Building Manager will receive updates from those meetings if not in attendance, and provide feedback as needed to facilitate good communication.  Based on current planed work-scope, the Building Manager is expected to work at least 6 hours per week.


Key function is to be the point of contact and process owner for 1) those who wish to use the church (Guest Users) and 2) those doing work to maintain the building.


When dealing with Guest Users, the Building Manager will be the point of contact for all requests for use of the church, manage the application process, review and refine the Guest Users’ needs, communicate Guest Users’ needs to church Staff members to ensure seamless coordination of services, and to ensure that the church is clean and secure after all events.  The Building Manager will work closely with the Congregation Liaison Manager to ensure that all church events are on the church calendar and with the Custodian to ensure proper room set-up.



 House Committee organizes contractors to perform work to maintain the building.  The Chairperson of the House Committee or his designee will interface with the Building Manager to advise who/what/where/when there is a need to let them in, exchange information with them, etc. as related to upcoming contractor maintenance activity.  The Chairperson may request support for activities such as inspections, call for or confirm contractor services.


Core competencies should include strong organizational and communication skills as well as an understanding of how Second Baptist Church operates or at least an understanding of how churches in general operate.  Knowledge of building maintenance issues is required to ensure effective interface between contractors and the Chairperson of the House Committee.

100 North Main Street Suffield, CT 06078