What is Spiritual Direction? 


Spiritual direction or Spiritual Companionship, is one person walking with another person or group of people in the process of paying attention to the movement of God in his or her life as s/he grows in intimacy with God.  Spiritual direction acknowledges the presence of the Sacred Mystery around, in and through all things and so recognizes that God is continually at work in the deep parts of one’s soul whether we are aware of that work or not.  Spiritual companionship assists the person or group of people in recognizing the persistent, ever-present Holy at work.


A spiritual director is a “Soul Friend” (a translation of the Celtic, Anam Cara), a companion, who walks with another or others on his or her journey of recognizing the movement of God/the Divine in one’s life and the life of the world.  The real Spiritual Director is God; the companion or friend listens deeply, paying attention to the Presence of God in the moment which often involves holding Silence and asking questions that may arise in the moment.


Spiritual direction is not about giving advice or theological answers to those difficult, impossible questions, though some of that may arise within a session.  Direction is helping another discover or discern one’s deepest desires.  It is in those deep, true desires that an individual can begin to see God.


When and Where

Meditation Room, sessions run about an hour and are scheduled for once a month.


For more information call the church office at 860-668-1661 or email us at office@secondbaptistsuffield.org





Meditation Room


Our Meditation Room is located in the Prior Wing of the church building and is designed for individuals and small groups to engage in quiet prayer and meditation, journaling, reading and any other spiritual practices that help deepen and enrich the spiritual life.  It is open for Spiritual Direction sessions, as well – individual and/or group.  Please reserve the space and time by contacting the church office – – or sign up on the calendar outside the Meditation Room.













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