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Photo of Robert Green of New Orleans, LA

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Video montage by Rich Davis.


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The photo on this page is of Robert Green, who lost both his toddler grand daughter and mother when the levy suddenly broke in New Orleans' Lower Ninth Ward. He was one of the first people to return to the area to live in a desolate area of destruction. Every year on our mission trip to the Biloxi area, we visit the Lower 9th Ward to see how recovery is progressing there. We visited Mr. Green in his trailer in previous years. Inside he kept it neat, but it was difficult living in such a small space that was never meant to house people for extended period's of time. The floor had become damp and he did his best. A memorial stone marks the death of his mother and granddaughter. You will also see a photo of him holding bulletins for services remembering both loved ones. The image you see here won first prize in a major international photo competition (beating out Vladimir Putin!). He welcomed us into his home, prayed for us and thanked us for all our hard work. While there has been much celebrity and political attention given to the Lower Nineth Ward, he credits volunteer construction groups with the real recovery partnerships they are making with the 9th Ward community. In 2009, Mr. Green moved into a new home constructed by actor Brad Pitt's organization, Make It Right - a Habitat for Humanity type organization that has commitments to build at least 150 homes there. The homes are environmentally responsible, have solar panels, are very economical to live in and are built on pilings to withstand another Katrina type event. The levy has also been repaired. Mr. Green has invited us to return to the Lower Nineth Ward to help build homes there.​

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